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Travel & Housing

No-hassle travel and transportation

When your assignment has been finalized and you are ready to start work, we will make sure that you will have a pleasant travel experience. Our Travel Department will work with you to take care of all travel and housing arrangements. When required, we will provide you with round trip air travel from your closest home airport to your assignment destination. You may also opt to drive your own car to your assignment and we will reimburse you for the miles to get to your destination city.

In most cases a rental car will be provided for local transportation. Of course, we will make all the arrangements for you. You may also opt to use your own car and we will pay you a weekly car allowance towards the cost.

We are committed to providing you with the tools you need to arrive at your assignment destination and get to work every day safely and conveniently.

Comfortable and safe housing

Depending on the length of your assignment we will either accommodate you in a hotel setting or in furnished corporate luxury housing with a kitchen. We will always survey the accommodations and local area to make sure it is up to our high standards and provides you with a safe and worry-free environment.

We respect your privacy and will provide you with single occupancy housing. In case you are traveling with you favorite pet, we will find accommodations to suite you and your best friend. You also might already have a place to stay at your destination city. In this case, we will reimburse you for the housing cost at market rate in that demographic area.

Your safety and comfort is most important to us and we would never expect you to stay in a place we wouldn't stay ourselves.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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When it comes to my travel and housing, I am very picky. I like everything to be taken care of and only travel with my preferred airlines. In addition, I only like to stay in apartments, single occupancy. I have traveled with many other companies and my experiences have been very inconsistent. That has not been the case with QT Staffing. They bent over backwards to fill my every need whenever possible. Their travel coordinator even gave me housing options to choose from.
- Rosario Ignacio, RN, CNN